Sunday, March 28

First Aid Against Cold

I am down with a cold and in particular need to complain about it! But fear not, I will not describe how unpleasant it all is, although I'd love to do it with all the nasty details and face expressions. Instead I want to share this one thing that makes being sick enjoyable and no it is not the possibility to take sick-leave since it is Sunday. Boo!

Paramparaaaa!! While you all applause I am happy to introduce you my all-time favourite tea:


(for one cup)

While you boil the water

take some raw ginger about 2 cm piece (remove its peel), you can slice it, so that juices come out better or you can grind it assuming you have the energy for it (I didn't)

Take a few slices of lemon, remove its peel (otherwise the peel might make the tea bitter and god knows how many chemicals there may be in that peel anyway.. yaiks on that!) and add it to the ginger in your cup

Once the water has boiled pour it over the ginger and lemon and cover for some minutes

Some people suggest honey should be added to to the hot water together with ginger and lemon, but I  do not advise doing that since honey loses its nutritional value with heat and basically turns into sugar. Let's face it, for many people drinking ginger-lemon tea without any sweetening can be something close to hell, since it is just spicy and sour (for someone like me who never drinks tea with sugar it's no biggie though). But since honey is necessary for curing then what I do is take some honey on a separate plate and with a small spoon (or big one, your choice) take some in before a sip of tea. This way you can actually enjoy the taste of honey as well. And make sure you use organic natural honey with not additional sugar etc. Honey is definitely one of those food items that should not be bought randomly and never save on it.

This little miracle tea I also tend to drink sometimes in the mornings as it is a pretty efficient wake up drink instead of coffee which we all know is nothing healthy. Ginger in general is one of my most favourite spices for food you know - I use raw ginger when making broth, soups, sauces, meat, fish etc etc. It really is a brilliant thing, that ginger!

Apologies for no photo evidence this time, but I am not well-enough for that much effort. Nevertheless I'd like to share with you that I have some very interesting posts in the making that will take us to Thailand, Hong Kong and New York! :)

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