Saturday, June 19

Green Salad that will knock your socks off!

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Couple of years ago when I was in London we visited Borough Market and found our way to a nearby Spanish Tapas Bar. The place looked rather random, slightly touristic if I may say so, but when they brought the food.. the suspiciousness vanished! One recipe that I have been doing over and over again is this green salad:

Basically what you needs is all sorts of different greens to mix together (the point is to have greens with different strong flavours). For example:




green salad

green peas (I forgot to add them this time)

Chop everything up in size most enjoyable to you.

As sauce mix in olive oil, some salt, freshly ground black pepper, balsamic vinegar and a dash of sugar.

It's a great side dish to have with meat, you know!

This time I added also strawberries and goat cheese, which took me on a rather enjoyable culinary roadtrip. I can imagine it together with grilled chicken, other meats I'd rather have without the non-green coloured products. ;)

Music tip: St. Germain "Soul Salsa Soul" is too good to be true, yesterday when it started playing I literally had to stop whatever I was doing at that very moment and take a pause for some SALSAAA! But where is the beach weather, hello?


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