Wednesday, November 17


This recipe was an accidental success. As I recall it was one of those late Friday evenings when a chocolate craze hit me and I started browsing through a book dedicated to chocolate "Suklaa" (I realised just now that it was published already in 1984!) to find a way to satisfy this insane but perfectly natural craving.  So on one page I came across a recipe titled pikkuleip√§makeiset (in English small cookies) and I was sold right after I noticed that the list of ingredients was astoundingly short and NO BUTTER! In the end I modified the recipe in a way that it meets a better "healthy cookie" standard, whatever that is, since I like to believe there is such.

The cookies were judged by the most demanding panel - two middle aged women who are food addicted yet highly health cautious and they got an applaud, so do not hesitate to make them at home, even if you are not health cautious and prefer to live on the wilder side.

Chocolate  and Cookies

NB! Do not judge these cookies by the photo. That's purely the photographer's (read: my) failure.


100 g almonds, roughly grounded (feel free to be creative and add any nuts you like)

100 g dark chocolate (85%), roughly grounded

1 tsp vanilla sugar

2 tbsp cocoa

1 tbsp brown sugar

1 tbsp spelt wheat

2 eggs

Mix together everything but eggs, which you need to beat up separately and only after that add them to the mixture. Set small portions with a spoon on the tray and bake at 175C around 10 minutes.

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