Tuesday, December 21

Restaurant Neh in Tallinn


So here we go, my first restaurant review!

Some weeks ago restaurant Neh was opened in Tallinn. Lots of talks, whispers and excitement followed by countless hurrays from several local bloggers. Me, also excited by the talks, insisted that our company's Christmas lunch was also held there.. Anyway, there's more talk than it's worth. Yes, compared to average standard it is much better, but there was an unpleasant smell in the place (my boss had the perfect explanation and no, you don't want to know), the interior is not  in sync with the gourmet cooking approach and pricing. The menu is quite short and it was kind of disappointing to hear that from the 4 main dishes they had run out of one (that two of my lunch companions had ordered). In addition we had to wait like forever until the waiter served us wine (which was at least 20 minutes after we made the order and 5 minutes after the entrees were served). The service was relatively compelled and didn't leave a very pleasant feeling even though the waiter was very polite (but it didn't seem natural). But then again that's Estonia, don't expect client service! It's just the way we are...

I don't really want to diss the place, because it is still good, but food wise I expected much more. So if you too decide to go there don't expect magic, but you will get well fed if you order three courses. My vote still undoubtedly goes to Moon which is the most brilliant business idea/concept in the local restaurant business these days. Perhaps it's just that Russians cook better! :)

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