Tuesday, August 9


Voted as the third best restaurant in Estonia in 2011 restaurant Bordoo in Tallinn is a must-visit if you value haute cuisine. Supposedly first restaurant in Estonia being viewed as a potential Michelin star candidate and I must admit probably least advertised eating establishment that deserves the highest praise in town. They use seasonal products, hence the menu is changed seasonally.
They have a 4-6 course tasting menus where the selection of dishes are determined each day. We chose the 4 course tasting menu which was following and all of them were just amazing. I am not sure I am capable to actually explain all the magic that landed on our table, but the ride was unforgettable and magnificent. First we were served a little refreshment consisting of apple foam with vanilla, which didn't taste sweet as one would imagine. Next was something sort of sigar consisting of meat and leaves with a distinctive taste and smell of smoke. Just like eadible sigar. I have never had anything similar to this and I must say we were completely blown away and won over. From there on they could do anything they wanted and we would still love it to bits. And it only got better when the  chantarelle risotto as first course was served. I still have wild dreams about it... Second course that night was a slow cooked salmon which was wonderful. As third course I selected veal and my companion had lamb. Both were slow cooked and melted in the mouth, but in comparison the lamb topped the veal. Did I mention that they served us a varied selection of butter and a selection of 4 different types of homemade bread? Well, that night we had a lot of butter and bread. When the dessert was served I was so full I wasn't sure I am capable of standing up without help not to mention make it back home without fainting, but still I had whole of the dessert, because it was just another masterpiece. Have you ever tried sorrel dock ice cream? That night I did (it tasted as it was made without any milk products, but had a very smooth texture) and with cheesecake it was a genious dish.

All in all this was the most memorable eating experience this year in Tallinn so far and for anyone wishing to experience some world class culinary mastery in Tallinn this is the place to visit.

Go read more: http://www.bordoo.ee/en

Pikk 71/Tolli 2
Tallinn 10133

Phone: +372 630 6300
e-mail: info@threesistershotel.com

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