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Kama is a very typical Estonian product that one cannot find anywhere else in the world (apart from some regions in Finland). I always have a huge problem with explaining my foreign friends what it is, since the word "kama" is not translatable. But fear not! There are Estonians who have got ahead of me and explained everything about our famous kama. Read about it  here. Personally I am a fan of this product and I am happy to introduce you a dessert made from it that will make you a happier person as well. ;)

Original recipe in Estonian available here. 

Kama Mousse

food 010

for 4 persons

500 gr natural unflavoured yoghurt

4 dl whipping cream

4 tbsp sugar (I used light muscovado sugar)

6 tbsp kama flour

strawberries fresh or frozen (depending on season)

Whip the cream with sugar, add yoghurt and kama. Crush the strawberries or chop up into very small pieces and mix in carefully. I did not mix it very thoroughly because I like the visual variation in colour. Put into serving glasses and leave in the fridge until serving to guests. Ideally you could also decorate with some strawberries and peppermint leaves for a more marketable look. 

I had this idea of doing this but substituting the whipping cream with ice cream, but I have not tried it, so I cannot comment whether this is a great idea. Perhaps some day I will revert on this matter.

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