Saturday, February 27

Lazy Cabbage Rolls

This one that I am sharing now is not an original recipe, but my interpretation of what else can be done with the baked cabbage stew leftovers, a recipe that I shared here. Remaining faithful to my fascination with Asia, I added some Indian spices for the extra kick.

Why I call it Lazy Cabbage Rolls is because there is one similar Ukrainian dish that I was inspired of when making this one. As I mentioned also Indian cooking. What a mix!

food 016

- What you do is first cook some rice (quantity depends of the amount of leftovers), but it should be around half of the cabbage stew quantity otherwise it will be too much about rice.

I've seen how some people cook rice and it can be a tragic sight! To make sure you know better, please take a look at this link.

- While this is in the making, heat up a frying pan. Add oil and grind two tomatoes onto the pan (you can chop it up as an option, but make sure it is finely chopped in this case, the difference is if you grind then there will be no tomato skin in your dish and this makes the dish and eating experience much nicer). Add some grinded garlic (yes, I love garlic!), but this is only an option.

-Also now is the time to add the spices. I have my lazy moments, so I added a ready-made Indian spice mix from Meira + East End cumin powder (jeera powder), chili.

- Then add the cabbage stew, stir everything and let it simmer for a few minutes.

- Then add rice and let it cook for another few minutes so that the flavours mix. If you wish you may add some more black pepper.

- Once it is ready decorate with parsley or coriander.

Serve with natural yoghurt or a fresh salad that I made being inspired by Indian raita, see below:

food 014

I used:

young beet leaves (not sure this is the correct word, in Estonian peediv├Ársed), cucumber, tomato, capsicum/paprika. I did not mix the greens, but instead set them as layers and covered amply with natural yoghurt. Added some cumin powder, ground black pepper and salt. Sprinkled with fresh parsley.

I have to stress that natural yoghurt is one of the best of salad dressings ever! It has totally substituted mayonnaise and sour cream, not to mention any ready-made salad dressings that we all can find in supermarkets and personally I always avoid using.

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