Saturday, April 17

Slimming Leek Soup


Warning: Keep scrolling if word "diet" is not part of your vocabulary!

For the rest let me reveal you the secret of slim French mademoiselles - the diet soup with leek. I just had a cup of it and it tasted great particularly after seeing some photos of Kate Bosworth looking more amazing than ever (and this woman is super slim!). Now too I feel that I can do it and this perfection  is just a few months of diet soup drinking away. Not that I have any information that this soup is part of Kate's menu, but I assume that apart from regular starving something like this must be on her menu. No offence, Kate!


Talk is cheap, so here's the key to better you:

1 leek

1 garlic clove chopped into smaller pieces

0,5 l water

2 tbsp olive oil (make sure it's extra virgin, personally I like olive oil that has a strong flavour)

black pepper and sea salt

some rye breed or other whole-meal bread

Wash the leek, chop into 5 cm pieces. Boil the water, add leeks and garlic, remove any foam that may form during the boiling. Takes around 10-15 minutes to make it. Strain. Add olive oil and pepper.

Très facile!

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