Saturday, May 8


I apologise for the lack of posts, but I am on detox this month (to clean my body and perhaps my mind as well?!) and writing about chocolate macarons is TOO MUCH! Because I might give in to temptation, run to Bonaparte Cafe and gobble up with their yummy macarons or other pastry, the selection there is sickening. When I am in a stronger state of mind I will write about delicious sinful recipes and how to indulge like there's no tomorrow, but now it is not an option.

Perhaps you wish to find out about my detox period food menu and recipes?

Assuming the answer is yes :) I am proud to share that right now I am drinking vegetable juice that consist of beet, carrots, celery and something like horseradish, which gives quite a kick to this juice, I must add! Do try this at home. :))

Fresh juices several times a day are a regular. So I cannot really say detox is a battle and suffering. The only thing that my mind misses (I am pretty sure my boday doesn't!) are the pastry and chocolate and occasionally the dairy products, like yoghurt and cheese (from cow milk). But I have been finding out completely new products like quinoa, goat milk and other dairy products from goat as well as rice milk with added calcium from seaweed. Sickeningly healthy, but its been a headache to make food on daily basis, because it requires a completely different approach to what I am used to. Frying is not allowed, so basically everything I eat either needs to be fresh or steamed.

In short the following food types are off  the menu:

- salt, but some sea salt is ok;

- sugar and any products including sugar, like candies

- wheat, rye, oat products

- anything ready-made

- red meat

- alcohol

- fizzy drinks, incl. sparkling water

- peanuts (maapähkel)

- baking oil

- anything with caffeine, incl. coffee and tea

- chocolate

- eggs

- ketchup and other ready made sauces

- duck and goose, because of the fat

It is also not advisable to eat:

- tomato

- spinach

- mushrooms

- dried fruit

No worries, there's a lot still on the menu.. literally everything that is not on that list and if you cannot think of anything then you need to have a very critical look at your eating habits! ;)

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Kairi said...

wow, respect! how long are you planning to keep this up? :O