Thursday, December 30

Seafood Salad with Wasabi Sauce

Before the brilliant 2011 hits us, I would like to share with you this magnificent salad I made for another blog where I post my recipes as well. It is actually the news I haven't shared on this blog. Namely, already for a month now I have been the food editor for Estonian blog devoted to Spa life and spa news in Estonia: The idea is to cook food that is fresh, preferably seasonal (not always though) and always tasty as well as healthy, which is a very important factor. The blog is in Estonian and so are the recipes.

Seafood Salad with Wasabi Sauce (4)

This recipe can be found in Estonian language on this address:


3 handfulls of salad (I had the lollo rosso and ruccola mix)

200 gr seafood (like shrimps, prawns, salted salmon, feel free to use your imagination)

1 avocado (peeled and cut into pieces)

1 fennel (sliced thinly)

5 cm piece long ginger (peeled and cut into bigger chunks)

1 garlic clove (cut in 3 pieces)

olive oil

For the sauce

juice from half of lime

1 tsp wasabi paste

1 tsp honey

salt and black pepper to taste


First, mix all seafood with ginger and garlic clove. Let it marinade while you prepare the rest. Big chunks of ginger ginger are necessary so that you can remove the pieces at later stage, since they are not so delicious to eat in this dish (my humble opinion). Then mix fennel, avocado and salad. Cut salmon into smaller pieces (I cut lengthwise, thin strips) and add to the salad mix. Stir together the sauce mixing together all ingredients as listed above.

Add some olive oil on a stir fry pan, heat it up and stir fry the seafood for a few minutes. Remove ginger and add to the salad mix. Top with the sauce.

This is very unusual, but I had a terrible craving for champagne when I had this salad. I think it would be perfect here! :)

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