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Nuts and Raisins in Chocolate Cinnamon

Do you have lazy moments? I do, all the time. This recipe is an evident example of one of my lazy moments as a cook, because it is so easy to make it makes me cry from happiness. The outcome even to my own surprise was absolutely mind blowing, I could not stop eating, I did not want to share them with anyone and I had to confess of falling in love. With the nuts of course, and raisins no less! There was one low point during the making though, like when I was melting the chocolate and decided to add some cognac into the chocolate. To my surprise the chocolate that I had melted turned from nice liquid into chunks, so it made it difficult to mix with raisins and nuts as it was not so liquid. I still have no idea what chemical reaction took place  either because I never focused in chemistry class in high school and missed out on "don't mix chocolate with alcohol" lesson OR Russian dark 75% chocolate is not as pure as the producer claims. To my own defense I believe in the latter option.. But in the end this only affected the visual result not the flavour. Anyway, I will be making them again soon, and no I will not share them with you!

100 g nuts (whichever you like)

100 g raisins (you can do without raisins as well, then make double amount of nuts)

115 g dark chocolate

1 tablespoon cinnamon

1/2 tablespoon cocoa powder

1 tablespoon of cognac

Roast nuts on a pan, but make sure you do not burn them. Let cool completely. Melt roughly chopped chocolate in a bowl over steaming pot of water on low heat. Stir on heat until melted and smooth, then add cognac. Toss nuts and raisins in the melted chocolate, and transfer onto a parchment paper to set.

Mix cinnamon and cocoa powder in a small freezer bag. Toss the set chocolate covered nuts and raisins in the powder until evenly coated.

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