Saturday, February 12


Lately I have frequently found my way to Cafe NOP that is located near my workplace. Well, it has been around for years, but I had some unpleasant eating experiences in the past even though I like their Scandinavian cafe atmosphere. Long talk cut short, I avoided it knowingly for a long period, but luckily their cooking has now improved so going there has become a pleasure. The other day I had a grilled vegetable salad, which is new on the menu and totally unforgettable! So I had to make those grilled vegetables myself, because they are perfect for these cold winter evenings. In fact now, while writing this post, I am actually nibbling on the left-overs.. Yummilicious!

soojad grillitud juurviljad

for this grilled vegetable salad you will need:

4 carrots

1 yum potato (can substitute with sweet potato)

2 beets

4 shallots

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp honey

black pepper and salt to taste

Prepare the oven to 200C at grill mode. Peel carrots, beets and yum potato and cut them into chunks (1x1 cm). Peel the shallots and cut into sectors. Mix honey with olive oil and pour over the vegetables. Stir. Finally add black pepper and salt. Bake in the over around 20 minutes, Blending couple of times while cooking.

FYI at NOP they serve it with rocket salad.


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