Sunday, February 13


What do normal people with self-control do in the evening when they get a craving for something sweet whilst they have given themselves a promise that there will be no eating of sweets? Ignore and engage in something that would take the mind off. What do I do in the same situation? Go online, research and find the perfect way to  act like no promise had been made!  I had this crazy persons thought it had to be something similar to a cupcake even though  I don't actually like cupcakes in particular. I mean there's usually just dough and a bunch of carbohydrates, so..yes.. right, let's scratch that thought and better let me introduce to you one of my favourite sponge cakes that is deadly easy to make:

carrot cake with frosting (1)


original recipe in Estonian from Nami-nami can be found here.

2 eggs

125 g sugar

1 tsp vanilla sugar

100 g melted butter

150 g grated fresh carrots

110 g spelt flour (you subsitute with regular as well)

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp ground cinnamon

a tiny bit of ground nutmeg

for the glazing:

100 g unflavoured (natural) cream cheese, e.g. Philadelphia

50 g caster sugar

1 tsp vanilla sugar

Set oven to 200 C while you prepare the dough. Whisk the eggs with the sugar. Mix together flour, baking powder, cinnamon and nutmeg. Add carrots, egg and sugar mixture and butter. Pour the dough onto the cake form (I use silicone form, so I don't have to butter it, but if you have metallic one, better use some butter and maybe even flour so that it doesn't stick to the form) and off it goes into the over. Bake around 30 minutes.

Meanwhile prepare the frosting by mixing the cream cheese with sugar and vanilla and apply one the ready-made cake when it has cooled. Best to keep it overnight in the fridge.


Pille said...

Tore lugeda, et ka speltajahuga töötab retsept kenasti!

Merle said...

ikka töötab, mis tal üle jääb. :) Tegelikult kui välja arvata teatav mõju küpsetise värvusele, siis tegelikult on speltajahuga märksa parem kui nisujahuga.