Saturday, March 5

May I have more, Cafe More?

Lately I have been so much on the move that cooking has been part of the survival regime rather than experimenting or just doing it for fun. So I won't be sharing any exciting recipes today. Now I am writing actually to praise a new cafe that was opened in the beginning of last month and I must admit a slight addiction to it. The main person running this place is a famous and well-acknowledged local chef and culinary expert Angelika Kang, whose expertise definitely lies in pastry and anything sweet. It's called Cafe More and it is located on the 4th floor of Viru Shopping Centre, which is basically the heart of Tallinn.

I must admit though that I have been indulging only with pastry and since it is so delicious I never make it to salads, paninis or other nice looking food that they make there. Today for instance after working hard at a fitness club which is one floor higher (dangerous!) I went to the cafe and took a cappuccino with not just one pastry, but two! My regular norm these days actually - why take less if there can be taken more. The place really lives up to its name, I must admit! Because if you take one Cardamom Bun there is no way you can stop with just that. They also have cinnamon ones and occasionally others, but cardamom one is the king there.  It is a mind-blowing and orgasmic treat on a nice weekend midday. Just saying. My second treat today was a little cake with passionfruit, which I ate before they managed to bring my cappuccino. I just couldn't wait after I had taken the first bite.. What they do there is addictive. So don't be surprised if you find me there again tomorrow indulging after the gym balancing out the lost calories!


Kairi said...
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Kairi said...

oh?! this calls for a prompt flight to tallinn! i'm booking NOW :D

Merle said...

noh, kus oled? :D