Tuesday, May 17

Lobster craving satisfied at La Risacca "6" in Milan

If you find your way to Milan and you suddenly realise that without a good dose of local seafood life will immediately turn into a disaster or you just have a craving then I highly recommend La Risacca "6" (see website for details about menu, location etc). Obviously this place has a lot of foreigners and tourists visiting, it is always full, hard to get a table and so on and so on.. BUT the food is just unbelievably good! The ultimate satisfaction is guaranteed with Lobster alla Catalana served with flavoursome tomatoes and sweet onions from Sicily as well as a few carrots and celery stalks tossed in. Not to mention they have a very aromatic and tasty olive oil poured all over this dish. This dish is an absolute winner and I haven't yet had lobster alla catalana in any other place that could beat the one at La Risacca. Unforgettable experience that one should not miss out on.

The photo below is made of the Lobster alla Catalana (portion for two) after half of the food was already eaten, sorry, we could not help ourselves. Temporarily lost control of ourselves..

Italy 035

To top it all they serve with your espresso the ice cream as seen below carefully packaged and placed on ice. Makes the experience even more enjoyable!

Italy 038

The suggestion of the restaurant is based on my personal experience and subjective opinion, feel free to disagree if you had a different experience or read trip advisor which does rank the restaurant quite high, but also has some quite negative ratings. My experiences in that restaurant have been very positive in terms of food and this is what matters to me most when eating out.

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