Monday, July 19

Chanterelles Alert

I've had this craving for chanterelles for days now and today my patience run out. I rushed to the supermarket, tracked down the seasonal yet totally over-priced chanterelles, carefully (with love and affection) placed them into my shopping cart, grabbed some young potatoes and off to the counter I went.


Since these days I am a no fuss woman with ability to come out with only the simplest solutions (must be the tropical heat that has hit this unprepared northern country) I made the following:

- Boiled the potatoes without removing the skin

- cut some onion in small pieces

- heated the pan and added butter

- tossed in the onions and fried on medium heat until the onions turned golden

- cut the chanterelles into smaller pieces and added them to the onions

- simmered for 7-10 minutes and then added some salt and black pepper to taste.

Upon serving I cut the potato lenghtwise into half, put some chanterelles there, topped with sour cream, salt, black pepper and dill.


My chanterelle craving got totally satisfied but how is the situation with your cravings?

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