Monday, July 19

French Chocolate Macarons

This one was total beginners luck! They tasted so good, I literally had to pinch myself, because I could not believe it was the result of my own effort.

 french chocolate macaroon

I used the David Lebowitz recipe that can be found here. Since it happened long long time ago, I do not remember any comments or remarks to add to that recipe. But when I tried to repeat my macaron triumph the second time (with a different recipe) I totally failed, because I did not follow the strict technique and that is the ultimate rule in making macarons + my eggs were not room temperature (a big no no!).

If you are into baking then this one is the ultimate challenge, do take it and let me know of your results!

But if you are lazy and live in a normal city then do yourself a favour and buy some macarons at Pierre Hermes or Laduree. If you are like me living in Tallinn  then make your way to Bonaparte Cafe for the ultimate local macaron indulgement.


Kairi said...

tundub, et see nadalavahetus tuleb vanalinna jahile minna! :)

Merle said...

jõudu!!! :))