Monday, July 19

The Herring Delight

This is the busy woman's herring dish. Being one my first step was to head to the local supermarket and buy some ready-made marinated herring. Today's pick was herring in black currant marinade, which in fact was very nice  and I can only imagine in my wildest dreams how it would taste if I made it myself.  But sometimes even the wildest dream come true especially when it's the black currant season.. ;)

Herring and Sour Cream

This delicious dish is so simple I want to cry and you only need:

sour cream

marinated herring

spring onions


and butter, if you insist

First I toasted my bread, then I put some cream butter on it (you can skip it if you are health conscious, I am taste conscious so for me it is a must). Top with herring pieces, then sour cream. Sprinkle some salt and black pepper and eventually the onions.


Best thing in the summer, trust me! Not to mention very regional dish here in Northern Europe.

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