Sunday, August 29

Zucchini Tarte Tatin


I am loving my current tarte tatin obsession and while my apple tarte tatin is in the oven baking (and currently it looks like it is about to blow up there),  I want to share with you my Zucchini Tarte Tatin recipe. I apologise in advance, because I could not get any great photos out of it but trust me it is great assuming you like zucchini. I love them!

450 g puff pastry

2 zucchinis (the original recipe had eggplant), cut into slices

1 big onion

3 garlic cloves

olive oil

salt, pepper, fresh thyme

Onion and garlic need to be finely chopped and fried in olive oil. Remove from pan. Then fry the zucchinis in olive oil on both sides. Once they are golden brown, take them off the pan and put them on a plate and on a paper towel to get rid of excess oil. Mix zucchini with garlic and onions, season.


Set the zucchini mix on the bottom of the round shaped pie dish and put the puff pastry on top of it and tuck the edges down the dish sides. Bake in the oven about 40 minutes at 180-200 C.


Normally when tarte tatin is ready you let it cool a bit and the flip in on the other side, but I couldn't bother doing that before serving since I am a bit lazy. When I tried to eat it the next day when it was cold it didn't taste so good and I almost threw it out, BUT as last resort I tossed it back into oven and reheated a bit and surprise surprise it was back to great tasting pie again! :) So in short, don't eat it cold.

On another note, my apple tarte tatin is now made and... well, I had no idea the puff pastry can rise so much! For the time being I will keep all the unappetising analogies I have in my mind to myself and comment once this little fruit of impulse has been tasted.

Secondly and lastly, I will make a tomato tarte tatin soon.. but I said I am obsessed with this pie! :)

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